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What makes the Government think the learning disabled have a 'right' to live in squalor, weigh 20 stone or have all their teeth removed? - March 2012

Last week, I wrote an article for this newspaper, immediately in advance of my BBC1 documentary Letting Go. When I logged on to my computer early on Sunday morning,  I was surprised to see that I had already received 20 emails from readers, and  by Tuesday morning, when I travelled to London to appear on Woman’s Hour to talk about the issue, I had received more than 300.


'When will I be normal?': Heartbreaking question of Diana's Downs Syndrome goddaughter and her mother's fears of how she will cope alone - March 2012

Having been away for a few days, I walked into the house to be met by my 16-year-old daughter, Domenica, usually  so happy and bouncy.

‘Why am I a Down’s Syndrome?’ was her greeting. ‘Why can’t I do maths?’ Followed by the most heartbreaking question of all: ‘When will I be normal?’


Gemma Hayter - 19 September 2011

The tragic case of Gemma Hayter, a victim of 'mate' crime, shows how much is wrong with our so called care of people with learning disabilities.


Draft Green Paper on SEN - 27 June 2011

Observations on the shortcomings in the draft Green Paper, which in my view need addressing.