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Diana’s greatest legacy... William married for love - 1 May 2011

I watched the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton with tears of happiness for them, and for their very evident love for each other, but also tears of regret that Diana was not there to bear witness to this love. William powerfully reminded us of his mother’s eternal presence by giving Catherine his mother’s sapphire engagement ring.


'Our goat died and my husband mocked my tears'... so why are men so beastly about animals? - January 2011

Our goat Muncher died last week. I was in tears and my eldest daughter was upset. But my husband Dominic, a journalist, was completely unmoved — which at least meant that he was able, dry-eyed, to assist the vet with his final duties.

Then, afterwards, he wrote an article saying how odd it was I had become emotionally attached to a goat.


Diana was a true friend, weeps her closest confidante Rosa - 14 December 2007

Rosa Monckton broke down in tears yesterday under fierce questioning about the strength of her friendship with Princess Diana.

Miss Monckton, 54, who was considered one of the Princess's most trusted confidants, has always insisted Diana's relationship with Dodi Fayed was not serious.


How could Channel 4 show a picture of her death? - 29 May 2007

For virtually her entire adult life, Princess Diana was pursued by photographers, an endless chase that frequently reduced her to furious tears.

On a holiday we shared just ten days before she died, she memorably described to me what the constant intrusion of the paparazzi and their all-seeing long lenses felt like. "It's a hunt, Rosa, it's a hunt," she told me.