Dr Rake should live on a sink estate for a year - 1 December 2009

Dr Rake should live on a sink estate for a year

Commentary by Rosa Monckton


Daily Mail, Tuesday 1 December 2009


When love is not enough: The joy and hardship in caring for a disabled child - 9 November 2009

The Mail


It's the hardest job in the world, but parents caring for disabled children face a shameful lack of support.  And, says ROSA MONCKTON, whose daughter has Down's, it's driving some to breaking point - and even murder.


The woman who is standing up to feral thugs - 4 October 2009

The Sunday Times, 4 October 2009 


The revelation of official ineptitude over the hounding to death of Fiona Pilkington and her profoundly disabled daughter came as no shock to me, because I have met Asher Nardone and her two sons.


Exposing Europe's guilty secret: the incarcerated children of Bulgaria - 13 February 2009

The Times, 13 February 2009 


It is the smell that assaults you - filthy nappies, unwashed babies, rotting flesh. Then you are hit by the silence, an eerie, unnatural silence, the silence of babies who have given up hope of ever being consoled, cuddled or comforted. It is the dreadful quiet of starving, neglected, unloved children waiting to die.


Why I'm haunted by these neglected orphans that Bulgaria and the world has forgotten - 6 November 2008

Daily Mail, 6 November 2008 

ROSA MONCKTON sends a heart-rending dispatch from the Bulgarian orphanages that shame Europe


Yes, it was an evil act and she deserved to be punished. So why do I feel so sorry for the mother who drowned little Naomi? - 24 September 2008

The Daily Mail, 24 September 2008


Guilty: Joanne Hill was jailed for life for drowning her four-year-old daughter Naomi in the bath because she was ashamed of her disability.